What is a Guernsey Multi-Member pension?

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A Guernsey Multi-Member Retirement Annuity Trust Scheme ("RATS") is similar to a Bespoke RATS in that they are structured as a Trust between the member (the person doing the saving) and their Trustee. They are a way that you can save in a tax efficient manner for your pension, without the costs involved in having your own Bespoke RATS as central costs of running the Trust are shared between many members. Every member's fund (their savings) are fully segregated from the other members.

There are special rules that govern what a RATS (Bespoke or Multi-Member) can and cannot do, in addition to the favourable tax treatment given to contributions that the member makes into the scheme on a regular basis.

The key difference is that there is only one Trust which can have multiple members. The members do not have to know each other or even work together. That being said Multi-Member RATS can be set up for work colleagues exclusively. We have set up and run several such schemes.

Our Multi-Member RATS that is open to anyone is called Granite RATS. If you'd like more information about this scheme click here.

If you would like more information on how we could set up a Multi-Member RATS for a specific group of people (say if you were an employer and wanted to set up a scheme for your employees) please call Paulina Batiste in our Trust team.

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