Multi-Member Pensions

If high costs and too many choices have been putting you off starting a pension, the Granite Retirement Annuity Trust Scheme (“Granite RATS”) offers the affordable local solution for you.

Granite Retirement Annuity Trust Scheme

Reliable and local

Saving for your future is simple with Granite RATS, a local flexible pension scheme tailored for the residents of the Bailiwick of Guernsey.

Collenette Jones are Channel Island experts in local tax advice and we can help ensure that your RATS is as tax efficient as possible. We have administered and acted as trustee of RATS for almost 20 years. We are always happy to answer questions on how best to contribute funds to and how to withdraw funds from the scheme.


It is never too early to plan for retirement and a RATS is an effective and affordable way to save for your future. Granite RATS is a multi member scheme. This means that you can access the benefits of a Retirement Annuity Trust without the costs involved in establishing an individual bespoke scheme.

You can invest from as little as £100 per month and can borrow up to 30% of the value of the fund, should you require funds prior to drawing your pension.Granite RATS PensionKey advantages of the Granite RATs scheme

  • Save from as little as £100 per month
  • Tax relief is available on contributions (subject to limits)
  • Consolidate existing pension funds into one scheme
  • Invest in a range of funds managed by local experts Ravenscroft
  • A purchased annuity is not compulsory
  • Funds can be passed to your Estate beneficiaries on your demise
  • 30% tax free lump sum accessible from age 50
  • Borrow up to 30% of your fund value as a loan

Local investment expertise - additional support from Ravenscroft

Money in the scheme is invested by local investment experts, Ravenscroft, in a range of their managed funds, full details of which are available on request. Depending on your risk appetite you can choose from the following:

  • Huntress Global Income Fund - Lower risk
  • Huntress Global Balanced Fund - Lower to medium risk
  • Huntress Global Growth Fund - Medium risk
  • Huntress Global Blue Chip Fund - Medium to Higher risk
  • Bailiwick Investments Limited - Medium to Higher risk
  • Channel Island Property Fund Limited - Medium to Higher risk

About Ravenscroft

Ravenscroft is an independently owned investment services group with offices in Guernsey, Jersey the UK and the Isle of Man. The organisation is well established and highly respected, employing more than 120 people and with £7.45bn of assets under administration for both private and institutional clients.

Ravenscroft offer a range of services to help clients achieve their investment objectives; whether they are looking to trade directly, discuss investment opportunities, save over a longer period, invest in precious metals or achieve higher returns on their cash.

Ravenscroft aim to operate with exceptional customer service, integrity, transparency and accountability. You can find out more on the Ravenscroft website.

Next steps to establishing a Granite RATs pension

Please contact Krista Doggett ( for further information on how the Granite RATS pension scheme can help you realise your retirement plans. 

Collenette Jones have been operating successfully on Guernsey and in the Channel Islands since 1978 - over forty years in practice. For further information and a personal discussion of your needs, please contact us.


Data protection

If you are an existing RAT client our terms of engagement are covered by the following data protection policies - Privacy Notice and Terms of Business - Data Protection (Controller to Individual).


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