Bespoke Pensions

Our Directors and Trust team specialise in the set up and ongoing administration of Retirement Annuity Trust Schemes ("RATS"). This is a service we have been providing for over 20 years. We currently look after approximately 285 bespoke schemes and have a multi-member scheme, Granite RATS.

RATS are flexible personal pension plans designed especially for Guernsey residents. Since 1991 RATS have provided an alternative to the traditional insurance company based pensions which are now no longer available to new investors.

RATS are trusts that are established under Section 157A of the Income Tax (Guernsey) Law 1975 to provide retirement benefits for the members. To all intents and purposes the Income Tax Authority treats RATS in the same way as personal pension plans.

The key advantages of a RATS are:

  • they are highly tax efficient
  • residual fund passes to one's estate on death
  • there are flexible investment options
  • consolidate any previous pensions into one pot
  • there are flexible benefits
  • a purchased annuity is not compulsory
  • remaining funds can be passed to your children or other beneficiaries
  • 30% tax free lump sum on retirement
  • loans can be taken up to 30% of the fund value

As well as providing the highest levels of service to your RATS, as tax advisors Collenette Jones can also provide impartial advice on:

  • whether a RAT is actually the best solution for you
  • Provision of trustees who can assist in establishing the RAT
  • contribution levels – maximums that may be made in any given year for income tax efficiency

We are not qualified to provide investment advice but have built longstanding relationships with many Independent Financial Advisors ("IFAs") and investment managers who specialise in providing advice in the Guernsey market. Please click the following links for more information in PDF format.

Please contact Paulina Batiste or Krista Doggett for further information.

Data protection

If you are an existing RAT client our terms of engagement are covered by the following data protection policies - Privacy Notice and Terms of Business - Data Protection (Controller to Individual).


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